Open Brasserie MediterrânicaOpen Brasserie Mediterrânica


Chef João Silva

The kitchen of the Open Brasserie is led by Chef João Silva, whose curiosity, determination and talent, allow him to draw menus that change the rhythm of the seasons. Much of his inspiration comes from Portuguese gastronomic culture- its unique products, its colors, smells and flavor. The chef who has been in the kitchens of the most famous restaurants "San Gabriel" in Vale de Lobo, "Aqua" at the Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg or "Dieter Müller" in Koln, bet on local products of superior quality.

Preferring to guide their choices for the principles of social responsibility and sustainability, their culinary vision could not be more in line with the identity of this restaurant in the center of Lisbon, which every day brings sustainability to your table. The use of local products, always fresh, and where possible organic, transformed by the exceptional creativity of Chef provide dining experiences you will not want to miss. Come to the Open Brasserie Mediterranean and surprise your senses!